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I was born in Malta in 1955. When I was seven, my family moved to the UK, where I went to school and eventually graduated from Portsmouth College of Art and Design in 1976.

My journey led me to a career in design, and I ended up starting my own creative agency. For more than 35 years, I ran the agency and had the privilege of working with and nurturing many talented designers. As a creative director, I worked on wide variety of projects, from interior design to graphics and brand creation, spanning industries like gaming, watches, cosmetics, fashion, and more.

Now, I've settled in Gozo and am semi-retired. I still work with a few clients in both Gozo and the UK. Alongside all this, I've been working on my passion for fine art, striving to become a respected artist. I hope you enjoy the art you'll see here and do feel free to contact should you be interested in commissioning a painting. 

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Phone : +356 77156920

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